How To Care For Your Dentures?

Posted by Day Dental Implants & Dentures Jul 19, 2022

If you’ve been told you need dentures, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed and uneasy about the process. How will they look? Will they fit properly? As your dentist will explain, dentures are custom-fitted to your mouth. They’ll look natural, feel comfortable, and stay in place. At Day Dental Implants & Dentures, we offer high-quality dentures. We serve at locations like Fergus Falls, MN, 56537, Alexandria, MN, 56308, Sisseton, SD, 57262, and Sioux Falls, SD, 57101. We also serve certain areas of Moorhead, MN, 56529, 56560, 56561, 56562, 56563.

Before you receive your new dentures, your dental team will give you care instructions to follow. While dentures are sturdy and reliable, they can sometimes break or come loose. Some denture wearers experience soreness and irritation, which can make it difficult to wear dentures comfortably. As your dentures loosen, you may need to visit your dentist for adjustments or repairs. Here are some ways to take care of your dentures:

Cleaning Dentures

You should brush your dentures at least twice a day to prevent plaque and tartar buildup. When cleaning dentures for the first time, soak them in warm water with a denture cleaner. Then, scrub them with a toothbrush and a denture brush. To clean partial dentures, use the same process, but clean each part separately, including the clasps and metal.

In addition to cleaning dentures, you should soak them overnight in a cleaning solution that helps kill bacteria. This prevents infection and keeps the dentures looking their best.

Dentures and Oral Health

There are general tips for caring for your mouth after getting dentures. Of course, it is always important to visit your dentist regularly after getting dentures for a professional cleaning and checkup.

Cleaning your mouth is vital for your overall health. This is especially important for people who are wearing dentures, as they are prone to developing gum disease. Here are a few tips for cleaning your mouth properly:

  • Clean your mouth after every meal. This will help prevent food particles from getting stuck in the denture, which can prevent bacteria from growing.
  • Use a soft toothbrush or an electric toothbrush with a head designed for cleaning dentures.
  • Avoid using abrasive toothpaste.
  • Rinse your mouth with warm salt water.
  • Brush your gums with a soft brush or electric toothbrush.
  • Brush the roof of your mouth and your tongue.
  • Opt for a denture cleaner that is designed for soaking dentures.
  • Visit your dentist regularly for professional cleanings and checkups.

Advice on Eating with Dentures

You’ll want to take small bites and avoid hard or crunchy foods. You also want to avoid chewy foods like gum or caramel, which can damage dentures.

Dentures and Smoking

Smoking can affect your gums and jaw. Along with staining your teeth, smoking can cause your gum tissue to recede. When you have dentures, smoking can affect your fit. Your dentures can become loose and slip when you talk or eat.

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