Complete and Partial Dentures

Complete & Partial Dentures

At Day Dental Implant & Dentures, we are happy to offer our patients various services for their dentures. Our experienced denture technicians use only the highest quality acrylic and teeth. Since no two dentures are ever the same, we try our best to personalize each denture to fit your mouth and provide you the appearance YOU want. All of our dentures come with a variety of shade and size options for your new teeth. Here is a list of the dentures we offer:

Classic Denture – Since we are firm believers that no denture should be made with sub-par grade acrylic, we proudly offer this mid-grade denture as our value denture appliance. The Classic Denture comes with various shade options for your teeth, a customized fit and appearance, and a 3-year warranty.

Premium Denture – Our top-of-the-line denture, perfected over years of trial and error. Our denture technicians crafted this denture with decades of experience. A premium Hi-Impact grade of acrylic with every tooth size and shade option available to give you the perfect fit and look for your new smile. We stand by the quality of this denture and therefore offer an 8-year warranty. Along with this tremendous warranty offer, we provide a variety of ongoing services at no additional charge. Please ask your consultant for details.

Immediate Denture – Our Classic Denture for patients who have just had their full mouth extraction procedure and are in need of an interim denture. This denture acts as a temporary appliance to get the patient through the 6-month healing period after surgery to allow bone and gum tissue to heal. Denture adjustments and chairside relines of the denture are provided at no charge.

Partial Dentures – A removable appliance to fill one to many teeth. Our office offers Immediate, Cast-Flexi, and Flexi partial dentures. All of our partial dentures come with a 3-year warranty and include adjustments and repairs at no additional charge.

Types of Dentures

  • Classic Denture
  • Premium Denture
  • Immediate Denture
  • Partial Dentures

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